I wonder if I can start up a new “daily log” type feature on this blog where I take 3-5 minutes each morning to jot down a few random thoughts? Well, here is the first one.

Today’s Random Thought

I saw a bunch of people start posting these little Wordle things on Facebook and Twitter and immediately found it annoying, but I was also curious what it was. I have played the last 3 days and gotten them all on 3 or 4 tries. Seems like a fun thing, but I bet the fad will last only a month or two.

Wordle 214 3/6

Today’s Song in My Head

Here’s today’s song that for some reason is stuck in my head on repeat. A fine song! One might even say uplifting. Not the first Brooks & Dunn song I’d go to on the jukebox. That would be reserved for Brand New Man or Neon Moon.

Kid Update

John is obsessed with the NFL playoffs. He watched every game over the weekend and has carried around notes of the games, playoff tree, predictions, etc. John is rooting for a Rams-Bengals Super Bowl. I am pretty sure I didn’t know what football was at age 7.

Yesterday’s Accomplishment

It was a big one… I got all of the scrap wood from my storage place behind the old tool shed and moved it out to the driveway for bulk trash collection. Over 100 pieces of rotted lumber and plywood that needed to go. I discovered a huge hole in the back of the shed where rats are no doubt coming and going. I think the old shed may have to go.

Yesterday’s TV

Lauren and I watched S2E4 of Succession, “Safe Room”. I fell asleep briefly and missed a minute or two.