Tonight after work I met up with Lauren downtown for a breastfeeding class, part of a series of classes this June preparing us for all things birthing. We learned all the forms, positions, and techniques and even took part in live demonstrations using a Teddy bear. Tomorrow we’re right back to the same hospital for the first of four general birthing classes.

Our Sunday was pretty jam-packed full of action as well. During the day I managed to hang up a bunch of vinyl decals on our bedroom wall. Here’s a little progression shot. They were kinda a pain to hang up but luckily I am 6’6″ so I didn’t need a step stool or anything. I would recommend checking out Innovative Stencils if you’re in the market for vinyl trees. I know my brother Alex used to be in the vinyl decal business too, but I think he’s given it up. Too bad, probably would have bought from him.

20140601_112240 20140601_135607

At night we used some free passes to the iPic theater. Now normally I am annoyed by non-Apple products that use the lowercase i, but I had to see what makes this place different from Austin’s own Alamo Drafthouse. It is pretty much the classiest way imaginable to watch a movie in a theater, complete with individual recliners, table, storage units, blankets, full service bar/restaurant, and free popcorn. Of course, they kinda get you with the food prices, starting around $15 for chicken strips and fries. But, we had a very enjoyable movie-going experience as we watched “A Million Ways to Die in the West”, the new Seth MacFarlane movie. I laughed a few times and had generally favorable reviews, full-well knowing the level of silliness we were getting into. Lauren was a little less enthused.