1. Today’s Random Thought

It’s off to Greenville, South Carolina tomorrow morning for the 2022 Really Good Emails conference. This is the second time I’ll have gone to it, also having gone in 2020 which was at the very beginning of the pandemic. Wouldn’t that be something if the pandemic ended while I was there too?

2. Yesterday’s Accomplishment

I mean, putting away a very big basket of laundry was probably the biggest thing, but I also did the unthinkable and finally got two of the hardest moons in the Wooded Kingdom of Mario Odyssey that have plagued me for months, including moon #73, the stupid sheep herding one, seen below. That brings me up to 636 moons. I really enjoy this game a lot.

3. Song in My Head

I was never a big “Achy Breaky Heart” guy, even in its prime. I was a big country music fan when it peaked in 1992 or so, but for some reason that song never did it for me. Nevertheless, either me or Jordan owned the Billy Ray Cyrus cassette, which did actually have some good songs including “Could’ve Been Me.” Anyway, I was singing this the other day and then yesterday caught Edie singing it. It appears the official music video was filmed at The Paramount right here in Austin… wow!

4. Finger Update

I will spare you from looking at the pictures, but my left index fingernail is about done for. After smashing it with a hammer while building the shed in November, it’s finally about to pop off. The bottom of the nail came detached a little and it’s got some dirt up under it, and I’m afraid I’m gonna snag it on something. So for now it’s bandaged until I get back from the trip, and then I’ll have to make a gruesome decision on how far I’ll try to let it hang on. I hope you enjoyed this harrowing tale.

5. Last Night’s TV

Lauren and I finished off season 2 of Succession, and wow, what a finale! But prior to that I also watched a random Simpsons episode, “Lisa’s First Word” from season 4. I’ve said it before, The Simpsons should have gone off the air 20 years ago, but those early seasons are sure full of gems!