1. Today’s Random Thought

I write to you from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, where my flight to Atlanta begins boarding at 6:25am. What time do you think I got to the gate? Any guesses? It was before 5. Ah, the joys of traveling alone.

2. Kid Update

John’s first note on his bedroom door to keep out… awww. A milestone. For the record, it was directed at Edie only, who is unable to read, so… good luck with that.

3. Song in My Head

Sammy Kershaw struck country gold in the mid 90s with “Meant to Be.” The video is pure gold. Sammy is at an airport creepily taking pictures of travelers without their knowledge and somehow manages to find true love in the process. I don’t know how air travel worked in 1993, but today I feel like shoving a camera in a stranger’s face would get you in a heap of trouble. Simpler times!

4. Wordle

I have yet to lose! I’ve won all 10 games in no more than 5 tries. Mom directed me to the game archives website where I also won the first 24 games on lunch break yesterday. There were some real doozies that I got on my final attempt.

5. Old Pal Goes to Hall of Fame

Yesterday was another MLB Hall of Fame announcement, the more traditional one where the BBWAA submits their picks. The only man voted in was my old friend David “Big Papi” Ortiz. I was a big fan of Ortiz when he came up with the Twins in 1999. In fact, I met him outside the Metrodome after a 2002 game. I always thought the Twins were fools for releasing him that winter. A giant blunder, no doubt. Of course, every other team besides the Red Sox passed on their chance to claim him off waivers for nothing, too.

Brian Lemke and I were two of the very few to realize we were standing next to a sports legend at that time.