I have decided that this week will be dedicated to a special series of interviews with the women of the family! Today, we start with renowned child photographer/blogger and younger sister Jordan Nicole Krogman of Vermillion, South Dakota. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jordan for a candid one-on-one interview by e-mail Sunday night, and here’s what the soon-to-be 26-year old had to say.

Jordan Krogman
Jordan Krogman

1. Those of us who follow your blog are under the impression that you are wildly busy 24/7 and have almost zero free time. Is this accurate?

This is a mostly-accurate statement. Even when I’m sleeping, I’ve got a zillion things I could and should be doing. Working the night shift has it perks, but one of the downfalls is that I have to sleep during the day rather than do the typical laundry or housework, so on my days off I’m left playing catch-up. I never actually get “caught up”!

Also, as the kids are getting older they’re getting involved in after-school activities and parties/playdates with friends, which just adds to the running-around. It will be nice when they’re old enough to ride their bikes across town to their activities so I can stay home!

I could probably just sit around for an hour or so every day, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t even talk on the phone without doing something…I clean or cook or tweeze my eyebrows or something. I’m pretty much busy all day and all night long, but some of it is self-inflicted.

2. I just had four consecutive days off with absolutely nothing to do. Aside from recovering from oral surgery, doing dishes, and picking up Mom and Dad at the airport, I accomplished virtually nothing. What would you accomplish with four days off?

I’d like to spend one entire day just devoted to clothing. Going through clothes and deciding what to donate, what to sell, and what to stick away for other kids to grow into. I’d also like to get all of my laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away for once.
I’d spend another day cleaning my garage so that we can actually park a vehicle inside come winter. (We did this a few months back, but obviously our work was for naught, as it is all a-clutter again!)

I’d probably take one day to go shopping….just browse stores and eat out with the kids. I know it wouldn’t be a liesurely trip by any means, but it’s always nice to get out of the house!

On the fourth day I’d try my damndest to relax. Maybe I could send the kids to a babysitter for the day so I would have a chance to sit and watch t.v. or take a nap.

3. We all know you are very open with your life on your blog, but there must be some things that remain behind the Krogman walls. What types of things do you avoid writing about on your blog?

I hate controversy, so I try to avoid any topics that will get people angry. I found out recently that potty training is one of those sensitive topics!! I also don’t blog about my marriage, good or bad, as I doubt Calvin would appreiciate that.

4. I comment on your blog like once a week. How come you rarely comment on my blog? Don’t you read it?

I do read it, but I subscribe via google reader, and don’t very often go directly to your blog to leave a comment. Just sheer laziness on my part…

5. Are you happy overall with the purchase of your house, and how long before it is paid off completely?

I am elated with my house. There is very little that I would change about it, and it is in tip-top shape. The only thing I might like is a bigger master bedroom, but we’re fine with the space that we have. Our house will be officially paid off in 29 year (or less if we make larger payments here and there…)

6. You have been a mother for seven-plus years, but are just now getting to experience being an aunt. How is aunt-hood going?

Aunt-hood is fantastic, I just wish we were able to see Hadley more often. I think I’ve only seen her half a dozen times or so since she’s been born. It’s funny, though…I am just as in love with that little girl as I am with my own kids. I’ll likely feel that way about any and all nieces/nephews I have in the future.

7. Will you and Calvin ever take a vacation, just the two of you? If so, where would you go?

We would like to go somewhere, it’s just hard to plan because we both have to get time off of work (harder for me than for him) and we’d have to find someplace for the kids to stay while we’re away. Either that, or someone would have to come stay at our house and it’s difficult for either set of grandparents to get away for any length of time. If we were to go on vacation, I’m sure we’d end up somplace where Calvin could fish and I could sunbathe.

8. Tell us an interesting recent story about your job as a nurse!

You know, I really can’t say a whole lot because I don’t want to get in trouble and lose my license. Recently, though, I have had a patient make different animal noises at night. I’ll be sitting at the desk and hear quacking, meowing, and barking coming from down the hall. It’s highly entertaining.

9. Did you really see back-to-back episodes of Saved by the Bell: The College Years that one time in 1994? We argued about it to the point where I think I actually made you believe that you hadn’t, when in reality you were probably telling the truth all along.

I’m pretty sure I was lying to you, truth be told. I think I argued with you long enough that I started believing what I was saying…and if I convinced you in the process, well then job well done, 10-year-old Jordan!

10. As I write this, it is Halloween night. What is a memory of your childhood that involved you being ridiculously scared?

The first thing that came to mind is when I came to bed, completely unsuspecting of anything, shut my lights off and slipped between the sheets….and then you popped up from alongside my bed and said something competely chipper and random like “Good night, Jordan!” and scared the SHIT out of me. I believe you took a few years off my life that night.

Ryan Note: For the record, I was lined up with your large stuffed animal collection with my head peeking out as one of the dolls. As this was happening, I began to have second thoughts about it. I wound up scaring myself just as bad after Jordan screamed bloody murder and went flying out of bed.

Thanks for joining us today, Jordan. Any closing remarks?

Well, I’m honored to have been chosen to do an interview for your blog. I’m keeping you and Lauren in mind for the next time I need a guest blogger, so start generating some good topics to dazzle my readers! I’m always anxiously awaiting the news of another Glanzer niece or nephew to join the clan…who will be first, Alex and Ann or you and Lauren?? Only time will tell…

Next Time: Next up is Marcie Glanzer, a.k.a. Mom. Also stay tuned this week for the much-awaited Lauren interview and maybe even a grandmother or two!