Those pesky bottom wisdom teeth have finally been extracted. I took off work Thursday for the surgery and Friday to recover. There’s not much exciting to tell considering I was out cold for the whole thing. I woke up and Lauren drove me home and waited on me hand-and-foot the rest of the day. I was in some pain Thursday and Friday, but by Saturday morning I felt fine. The only truly painful moment of the whole thing was using the prescription mouthwash the first night. I howled as it burned my hollow sockets!

While home from work, I caught up on some movies that most of the population has seen but I have missed. Thursday I watched “Election” followed by “Jerry Maguire” and “The Sixth Sense,” none of which I had ever seen in their entirety. Friday I watched “Donnie Darko” in the morning, then Patrick came over and Lauren got home from work and we watched “Dirty Harry.” Lauren and I also found time this weekend to watch “When Harry Met Sally” (not the same Harry, we discovered) and I managed to get six episodes of Season 2 of “Flight of the Conchords” in. Glad we have so many ways of watching movies and shows instantly!

Saturday afternoon, Ma and Pa arrived at MSP Airport after their week-long trip to South Carolina and Georgia. We picked them up and shopped at Ikea, then went out for dinner at Town Hall Brewery. We also exchanged the paperwork and began to make our ’08 Impala acquisition official. Thanks to the Glanzers for treating us to dinner!

We did nothing Halloween related all weekend. We didn’t even get around to carving the one pumpkin we purchased. Can’t say I was too sad about not having to round up a costume this year.