‘Twas another busy week in Poulänzer land. The highlight of the week was Tuesday when Lauren scored some last-minute free tickets to the Wild/Canucks game in a suite! Thanks to the good folks at Coca-Cola, we got all the free food and drinks we could handle, plus were treated to a great 6-2 win, which included Vancouver’s Rick Rypien attacking a fan!

Tonight I am back to DJing for the second straight Saturday. I’ve got some time to kill during the dinner portion of the event, so what better time to blog. Here at the Profile, we’ve got a good crowd on hand. The couple actually toured the Profile the day we had our wedding and liked our MLB-themed place cards, so they have copied that. They are also requesting almost exclusively 80s rock… finally, those four years of listening to 80s play over the speakers at Valleyfair is paying off!

It was not a good week on the freelance web design front. I had gone to greater lengths than originally anticipated to rebuild a client’s website, which included moving two sites to a new server in order to install WordPress on the back-end. In the process, they lost their old e-mail accounts permanently without warning! All of the company’s e-mails ever were deleted, and as one would expect, they were pretty unhappy. I felt absolutely sick about it, spending hours researching to see if anything could be done to recover them. But the employees over there appear to be pretty gracious and have started over and moved on. I’m taking the blame on the e-mail fiasco for not communicating well enough between the old and new hosting companies, but we learned in the process that the old company had not been backing things up properly.

Why all the part-time jobs? Don’t I have enough to keep me busy during the week with a full-time job, you ask? Well, thanks to me doing this extra work, the end is in sight with credit card debt for the first time since I started college! We’re down to triple digits finally. That, and we are planning to purchase a newer car from Dick’s Garage this week! Mom and Dad are in town as we speak, preparing for their morning flight to Charleston, SC in the morning. I will not get to see them as I’m DJing til after midnight, but they will be leaving their restored ’08 Impala at their hotel and we’ll go get it in the morning and test drive it for the week. If we like it, we’ll buy it and likely give up the current Grand Prix in a trade.

Meanwhile, at the full-time job, it was an unusually stressful Friday. There are major transformations taking place on the building. The company has vacated a warehouse to make way for a new company to move in, and that means I had to move a bunch of trade show equipment out yesterday. I also went for a 2.5-mile walk over break. Somehow, at some point during the day, my wedding ring slipped off. That had never happened before, and I was beginning to freak. So, the intense search began. I got permission to retrace my steps from my walk, but to no avail. Then Lauren got off work early and showed up to help me look. After nearly giving up, I lifted up a plastic tub inside a rolling cart and Lauren spotted my ring sitting there. That cart was about to be shipped to a different warehouse in Plymouth for permanent storage. Crisis averted!

Other Stuff…

  • Happy 50th birthday to Dad yesterday! Jordan and her kids went to some great lengths to wish him a happy birthday over on her blog. Worth checking out for a few laughs!
  • We are cruising through our Best Picture project, watching 1995’s epic Braveheart this past week. Check out the review over on my Best Pic blog.
  • Lauren finished up writing our review of the Sea Salt Eatery over on our Eating in Minneapolis blog.
  • After three guitar lessons with Travis, I have begun to be able to sight-read a few Alabama songs, as long as the notes are all among the few that I know how to play.
  • My weight is completely unpredictable. Today I weighed in at 231, the lowest since the wedding I think. I have no explanation for it… maybe losing muscle mass?
  • I’ll be out of commission Thursday and possibly Friday as I’m finally going to get those pesky wisdom teeth removed once and for all. Hey, another fun debt to pay off!