It’s been a very busy and entertaining few days as I hit the road with Jason to take in the Hanson/Woodburn wedding in Pierre. My job, as I have mentioned many times, was photographer for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception. Jason was along for the ride, and later Nick joined us.

I suppose I should start from the beginning. Lauren and I met Jason, Jeff, Clayton, and some others for trivia at the Richfield Champps Thursday night, and from there Jason and I took off for Pierre in the middle of the night. Jason drove the whole 494 miles while I dozed on and off before stopping in Redfield for breakfast at 6:30am. We arrived in Pierre by 9 and went gift shopping for the couple at the local Wal-Mart. Luckily, we were allowed to check into our hotel room very early, where we napped for a couple hours. That afternoon, Jason and I toured South Dakota’s state capitol building and were surprised to find that we were completely alone. Jason drank out of a really fancy water fountain and we remarked how easily we could have stolen some memorabilia with no security or cameras anywhere.

The Dick's Garage fan club at the Richfield Champps Trivia Night
The gang at trivia wore their Dick's Garage caps for good luck.
Jason LaPlant at the South Dakota state capitol building in Pierre
Jason visits the capitol building.

The rehearsal was my first shot at capturing the magic on camera. Jason was along for moral support. Afterwards we hit up the rehearsal dinner out at the Hanson compound along the Missouri River. The Hansons have one heck of a place out there! We ate, drank, watched the Twins game with Matt’s grandpa in the basement, and listened to Matt and Gillian’s band play in the garage before calling it a night. Jason and I arrived back at the hotel at 9:20 and decided to take a “cat nap” before hitting up the Pierre nightlife. We laid down and the next thing we knew it was 6:30am. We were happy to have gotten the rest rather than blown our money at the bar.

After eating the Country Kitchen breakfast buffet, we went back to the hotel room, closed the blinds, cranked the AC, and sat mindlessly in front of the TV watching “Coming to America” and “Beetlejuice” until Nick arrived and I left to get some family photos at the wedding. My photography skills were put to the test as I attempted to direct Hanson and Woodburn family members how to stand. Taking a few notes from our own wedding, I stood on a chair to get a better angle. Matt provided me with various lenses but I just stuck with the one I was comfortable with.

The wedding was a very musical occasion with two piano/vocal arrangements and a group a cappella performance that included old DSU pal Justin Hipple. Matt and Gillian really had an informal, cost-effective affair. The reception was held at an aunt’s house along the river with a backyard BBQ. Due to the heat and flies, it seemed everyone was long gone by 7. I finished up my job having taken about 700 photos.

That night Nick, Jason, and I hit up the Aces & Eights Casino right next to our hotel. We piddled away a few dollars before Nick struck it rich with a royal flush in SD Video Lottery poker, earning a cool $50 in winnings! After a memorable trip to the bar in Fort Pierre, we turned in and called it a night.

Jason plans to win big at Pierre, South Dakota's Aces and Eights Casino.
Jason can't wait to play some video lottery.

Sunday morning we caravaned to Willow Lake for the Hadley Glanzer baptism festivities at Alex and Ann’s house. My day was spent having fun with the Krogman children, who enjoyed being lifted, spun, flung, tossed, twirled, hoisted, raised, and maneuvered by me, as well as crawling and riding on me. Even Jason got into the action by spinning Hudson around. But we didn’t have much time to hang around before we hit the road back to Minneapolis.

Ryan Glanzer playing with Hudson Krogman
Thanks to Jordan for unknowingly letting me steal her photos!
Emerson Krogman and Hudson Krogman play with Uncle Ryan
Emmy climbed aboard and didn't want down!

I was happy to get home around 7 and get some rest before the work week began. Lauren, Tim, Kate, and Matt were all at the apartment continuing their World Cup day o’ fun, despite Lauren’s beloved Netherlands falling in defeat.

I guess it was a successful weekend for all. Strangely, I didn’t take any pictures of the wedding with my own camera, so I have no visual memories of having been there. But I’m sure Matt will post the photos soon.