Making Some Wall Art

Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline

Turns out Jordan isn’t the only Glanzer (or Krogman, as it were) who can paint.  The other day, I was wandering around the neighborhood when I came upon an art supply store.  They had thousands of canvases on sale for half off, so I figured I’d pick up a couple 20″ x 30″ canvases and try my hand at painting for the first time since college.  I still have all my old paints from Alan Montgomery’s Painting class, after all.

I got the idea to do a couple cityscape silhouettes as a gift to Lauren, the first of which commemorates her love for Toronto, her old college town.  I whipped up a quick sunset background, then drew out the skyline with pencil and painted it black.  I plan on spelling out the city name in the yellow strip at the bottom still.   I don’t know, I guess it turned out alright.  What can be expected for spending less than two hours on a painting?

Next up I think I’ll do a contrasting image—the Minneapolis skyline at night with a bluish sky.



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