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For those who I didn’t e-mail right away with the news, the last of our wedding fun is over with the release of the photographer’s photo gallery. There are 1,013 photos, enough for me to post a new photo each day until August 12, 2012. Lauren and I spent over 45 minutes taking a first run through the images on Thursday, and I’ve spent another hour or two going through them more times since. Excellent work, CM Photographics!

You are able to order prints through the gallery, but if you’re really nice to me I might send you a copy of our DVD with 4 GB of the originals in hi-res.

In other news, I was happy to see the Vikings beat the Packers yesterday. I have long been a Chargers fan first, Vikings fan second, but it’s difficult to root for a team that I get to see play two or three times a year on TV. Not to say I’m a fair-weather fan one way or the other, but the Chargers have really struggled to a 4-3 record in a weak division while the Vikings have been among the league’s best and most exciting teams. The Chargers are 2 back of the Broncos and still have to play the entire NFC East, while the Vikings schedule is very favorable after their bye week. I’m just saying, I am finding myself more interested in the outcome of the Vikings’ games than Chargers’.

In World Series news, I was upset to see the Yankees take a 3-1 lead over the Phillies last night. Whoever has played the Yankees this post-season looks foolish. The Twins and Angels were both humiliated, and now the Phillies are doing the same. Brad Lidge joins Joe Nathan and Brian Fuentes as closers unable to shut the Yankees down late in games.

I remember when the Yankees won the World Series in 1996 and I considerd it a respectable victory over Atlanta. And then they won it again in 1998, 1999, and 2000, which was maddeningly annoying, but in hindsight respectable as well considering the vast majority of their players were homegrown (Jeter, Posada, Williams, Rivera) or just great stories (Brosius).

But what’s the fun in seeing the team with by far the highest payroll and the best players winning? It’s one thing when they are able to woo the big-name free agents into coming to New York, but seeing a guy like Mark Teixeira pick the Yankees over his hometown Orioles in free agency just makes it worse. The great players want to play there to win, meaning the Yankees don’t even necessarily have to make the best offer to a free agent. Joe Girardi will probably win Manager of the Year for leading the Yanks to 103 wins, but I bet Ron Gardenhire could have won 110 games with that lineup.

Of course the downside to the Yankees losing the World Series is they’d be that much more active on the market this winter, likely feeling they need three or four more superstars in order to compete. They’ll probably land Matt Holliday and trade for Prince Fielder regardless and bat them seventh and eighth in the lineup.

Sorry, just a little bitter today.

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