Target Field Will Cause Mayhem

Target Field February 22, 2010
Target Field as it appeared this morning.

As Opening Day at Target Field gets closer and closer, I’m growing increasingly excited, but all the while remain very skeptical that this great new venue with all these great new players are going to make it much more difficult for me to enjoy the team up close.

The Metrodome was considered one of the worst ever venues to watch a baseball game, but I liked that I could always get a ticket to every game including the home opener and the playoffs. Target Field has yet to open and I’ve already been assured I won’t be allowed to purchase a ticket to the home opener, at least not at anything close to face value. Tickets for the two exhibition games vs. St. Louis go on sale tomorrow morning, and I’m certain that the 20,000 tickets not already claimed by season ticket holders will be borderline impossible to purchase. When tickets for the rest of the season go on sale March 13, I have a feeling that every ticket for the entire season will be sold out within a couple hours.

Like I said after watching 25,000 people stretch around the Metrodome concourse for that damn moving sale in October, the Twins never seem to realize how popular they’ve become, and don’t seem to realize that there are over 1,000,000 people bursting at the seams waiting to get a taste of the new stadium. I don’t think the team will be prepared in any way for the mass hysteria that will take over downtown Minneapolis this April. I want to be a part of it like always but I know I’m going to get squeezed out now that the team is so much more popular!

I have said things like “Oh well, if I can’t get a ticket to the home opener, we could always go sit in one of the restaurants at Target Field and see the game from afar or TV.” But someone pointed out that several thousand other people probably have that same idea. We’d have to get there right when it opens and run up $200 tabs sitting there all day waiting for the game to start. The one possible thing I have going for me is my proximity to the stadium. Our apartment is at most a half hour walk from the stadium, so on days when rain or snow delays send fans fleeing, I’ll be able to wait out the delay and run up and get a good seat.

So in that regard, I know I’ll miss the Metrodome. But as depressing as I sound, I am beyond excited for the season to start, whether or not I’m a part of the action. The team is dramatically improved and should be favored to make a World Series run. If I can’t get into Target Field without sacrificing my first born and have to watch the games on TV, at least we have a really nice one in the comfort of our own home that won’t cause me to lose my mind fighting through crowds.


  1. Just pay the extra cash. It’s the first Twins game ever at Target field!!! How could you miss the Twins taking the field for the very first time at Target field? This will be a game you will remember 50 years from now. You won’t regret it. Pay the 3x the face value. Be cheaper then the bar all day long and way better then sitting in front of a t.v. Your 1 and only opportunity ever!

  2. Tickets on Craigslist right now are inflated approx 1,050% over face value. 35 Dollar tickets listed have an asking price of $365.00 a piece.

    I’m guessing best case scenario is the Field Level (right baseline, outfield, 4th deck) which face value are as low as 15 dollars, might be able to sit in those seats for $150+

  3. I’m willing to venture we will be able to walk up for tickets for the TEX series. That’s the only one that matters.

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