My Top Ten Twins Signs for 2010
I found a list on that someone started which asked you to come up with the ten best homemade Twins signs to bring to the ballpark. Here were my suggestions, though I must stress that these are not all original! If you don’t get these, you must not know the names of the players.

1. It’s utter pan-Delmon-ium! (gotta give Lauren credit for that one)
2. Let’s get Denarded! (definitely unoriginal)
3. The guy behind me can’t see the game. (a classic)
4. That’s sexual Harris-ment! (yep, that one’s mine)
5. Hardy hardy har har! (original…ish)
6. Hit it Tho-me, Jim! (maybe original?)
7. Ouch, that Black burns! (mine…)
8. Move Mijares, I can’t see the game. (mine)
9. I miss the Dome! (a sign I hold up outside the sold-out stadium)
10. Games Left Till Outdoor Baseball: -1 (mine)

Can you come up with any other good ones?

Something Is Slightly Afoot
As I usually do once or twice a week, I made an unneeded visit to a doctor yesterday for a very minor injury due to my low tolerance for pain and mild case of hypochondriacism. The podiatrist looked at my foot and said he didn’t see anything unusual, but took x-rays just to be sure. The x-rays not only showed no injuries, but a perfect, above-average foot of the highest structure. The doctor said if there was any pain it was likely due to a torn tendon around the toes, and there is virtually nothing to do for that except wait for it to heal. I certainly was in a great deal of pain the other night at basketball though, so I assume the tendons are in fact torn. I’m certainly getting the absolute most out of my medical insurance.

Single or Joint?
Here’s the question Lauren and I have been discussing the past couple days. Lauren was responsible and had the government hold on to her money all year, so she gets a nice refund. As usual, I got my money up front and now must pay in, only I didn’t save any money for that. Either we file individually since we weren’t married most of 2009 and Lauren gets her hard-earned money and I start turning tricks on the street to make ends meet, or we file jointly and everything evens out and we don’t owe much to the government. No need for chiming in on the matter because I think we have our decision made… just something to ponder quietly.

Lauren and I watched our latest Best Picture winner last night, 1973’s The Sting, which instantly became my #1 movie in the project this far, topping 1946’s The Best Years of Our Lives. Read the full review here!