It’s Friday, work is over, and the weekend is here! But the work doesn’t stop for me for long. I plan on spending much of my weekend back at the office, using company resources to finish up this first freelance website and get started on the second, much larger project. More details to come. And by the way, if anyone out there knows how to make a web form work, PLEASE contact me. I’ve wasted like six hours this week trying to make a form send to an e-mail address.

This week at work I got a nice surprise for doing such great work lately. The president felt I deserved the Twins’ season opener season tickets, as well as the Metrodome’s final game tickets! I was told that my work has improved dramatically over the last few months. They said the first couple years things were pretty ugly, but for some reason there’s been a transformation lately. They can’t pinpoint it, and neither can I. But I’ll gladly take the tickets.

This week I also went back to college as my Flash class at MCTC started up. The first 3.5 hour class, as expected, was stuff I already knew even though I don’t know Flash. It was literally, “here’s how to save a document to the desktop… now let’s open the document.” I rolled my eyes, but the non-trad students around me feverishly pecked away at their keyboards taking notes.

Tonight Lauren and I are heading down south to the great town of Faribault to visit C.M., Sarah, and Roscoe. Walsh has told me the plans for the evening include bowling, darts, dive bars, and farts. Sounds fun! Tomorrow we have wedding cake tasting #4. I think we’ve already made our decision but hey, how often do you get to go around sampling delicious free cake? The best was last night’s tasting in Medina. I’ve never tasted cake like that before. It was freaking amazing. Tomorrow I also have another fantasy baseball draft, and at night have possible plans to either go to a Swarm game with Patrick or see Travis & Jonny in concert at the 400 Bar.