One Last Karaoke With The Boys

Tuesday night was a guys’ night out to The Water Tank for karaoke and drinks, in honor of my final carefree outing before Tiny Baby arrives. On hand for the event were Brian, Mike F, Rob, Mike M, Paul, and Julio. From 8-midnight we dominated karaoke and enjoyed reasonably priced beer and $1 tacos. My songs of choice for the night that I can recall were as follows, though I think I’m forgetting one:

1. “Why Don’t You and I” – Santana
2. “The More I Drink” – Blake Shelton
3. “As Any Fool Can See” – Tracy Lawrence
4. “My Girl” – The Temptations (with Brian and another guy from the bar)
5. “In The End” – Linkin Park (with Mike M.)
6. “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” – Rolling Stones
7. “I’ll Be There For You” – Bon Jovi (with Mike M.)

After the bar closed, we headed over to Little Woodrow’s for some shuffleboard until it closed at 2. And then I slept for 4 hours and went to work. So, thanks to my Austin pals for coming out and tearing it up with me one last time for a while! It was a blast!

Julio, me, Mike, and Paul shut the bars down on a random Tuesday night.
Julio, me, Mike, and Paul shut the bars down on a random Tuesday night.

Now we’ll just be chilling around the house most of the time, waiting for the moment to arrive. Guess that means I’ll have to be in condition to drive a car at a moment’s notice!

One comment

  1. You’ll have one more night out. That’s the night that tiny baby is born. It and Lauren will be in the hospital and you’ll have the night to yourself (and Baxter). It’ll be celebration time, telling the bartender you’re a new father will get you some free drinks.

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