I know I’ve bitched about weather on here so many times before. I griped about snow and ice countless times. And I’ve griped about heat and humidity equal as many times. Perhaps I have hyperactive thyroids or something, but the amount of sweat to protrude from my body today has been unreal! If I were wringing out all of my wet clothes I could have filled up several 2-liter bottles. Granted, I was jogging the dog, riding my new bicycle, mowing the lawn, and weed-eating in 100-degree weather. But I am not exaggerating when I say that I went from cool and comfortable to dripping wet in under 30 seconds while taking the front wheel of my new bike to load it into the backseat of my car.

We had our first softball game of the late summer season on Thursday and my entire shirt, cap, and shorts were dripping wet after I ran out a grounder in the first inning! I lost like 2 pounds in water weight playing a 5-inning softball game! Some of the others on the team were completely dry at the end of the game, which started in the dark at 9:35pm.

I’ve invested a lot in climate control. We bought a Nest thermostat, I bought a space-age Brookstone bed fan, I bought a magical cooling gel pillow, I blast the AC to the max anytime it’s over 55 degrees outside… nothing is ever good enough to really cool me off. If there are any other cooling devices short of wearing some sort of eskimo ice suit around (note to self: invent ice suit), I’m willing to invest. The mild winters are amazing here, but this constant heat is really damn difficult for me.  A neighbor asked me today why she hasn’t seen me in so long: it’s because I don’t want to step outside and get drenched in 30 seconds!

Anyway, enough bitching for one night. There are happier things to report!

As I mentioned, I got a new bike today. I have been itching for a bicycle ever since my last one was stolen in Uptown Minneapolis four years ago. I went to Austin Bike Barn on Lamar and bought one within several minutes. I had a blast cruising around the neighborhood today, and even rode across the street to return a movie to Redbox! I was hoping I could ride around the block with Baxter, but he just tries to bite the tire and nearly gets clipped by the pedals. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

In other super secret news, if I post something on Facebook and no one has liked or commented on it in ten minutes, I delete it. I don’t want to be the laughing stock of my social network by having an old post with no feedback.