There had been some widespread belief that my first ever blog post was this one, dated November 12, 2003. But I had forgotten about my old Geocities website from 2001. This post about heading off to DSU clearly trumps the 2003 post as oldest on record.

On September 1 I can start moving in to my dorm at Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota.  I’m rooming with Brandon Hanson, a longtime classmate from Vienna.

I am majoring in Web Development / Multimedia.  I want to eventually end up in the film industry somewhere, in some aspect.  I’d like to do anything from edit film to write scripts to actually acting.  So, I am also taking an acting class in the first semester.  

Other classes I have to take are Composition I, Intermediate Algebra, Visual Design, and Intro to Computers.  Algebra will be a problem, as I haven’t taken any math classes since my sophomore year.

Well I’ll let you know my dorm phone number and address once I find that stuff out.

Wow. Powerful stuff. Clearly I did not wind up working in the film industry or writing scripts. Nope, I am producing golf e-mails. Oh innocent young Ryan with your pocket full of dreams, where did the time go?