Here are five things/thoughts from today. Not really a Top 5 list or anything. Just five things.

1. We went to IKEA in the morning and bought a crib, baby dresser, and dining chairs. I swear, every time we get back from IKEA and I spend hours assembling things and then tossing away giant cardboard boxes, I think to myself “well at least this is the last time for a while.” And then we inevitably end up right back at IKEA within 40-50 days with 3 or 4 more things to assemble. I have lost count but I know we have something from IKEA in every room of the house. We’re putting some Swedish kids through college I’m sure, except they get free post-secondary education there so I guess we’re just putting it towards their retirement funds or something.

2. Brian Mego stopped over this afternoon with his fancy expandable, bendable ladder and we climbed on the roof to clean out some really high gutters. The slope of the roof was much scarier than it appeared from the ground, and I clung onto the gutters for dear life. Plus it was mid-afternoon in Texas and the shingles were scorching hot. But, the job got mostly done and hopefully we won’t have such damaging issues next time we incur a flash flood.

3. The Twins beat the Mariners to move a game over .500, and Brian Dozier, the man who called me on the phone in February during TwinsFest, slugged his 11th home run already this season. In order for the Twins to match my pre-season prediction of 57-105, the team would have to go 36-85 the rest of the way.

4. After catching up on True Detective, Eastbound & Down, and Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, I’m now trying to plow through season 2 of Flight of the Conchords. It’s kinda like Two Broke Girls because the two guys are really, really broke, except unlike that crappy show, Conchords is really good. Bret buys a cup for $2.79 and it drains their bank account and the guys are forced to sell their guitars and start playing shows without instruments, and then take up prostitution. Utter hilarity.

5. Lauren told me that decorating the nursery will kinda be my thing. I’ve got some big ideas, and naturally I’m thinking baseball or beagle themed. Kyla Scott pointed out a wonderful beagle mobile we are dying to get.