1. Yesterday Lauren and I finally signed up for pool passes at our neighborhood association pool, and today I tested the waters for the first time by swimming 10 laps. The nice thing about the pool is there are always three open lanes for lap swimming and kids aren’t allowed. So no matter how packed it is, those lanes are almost always clear. And I’m sick and tired of running for exercise, so I intend to go to the pool very often this summer.

The pool was absolutely swarmed with kids on a sunny 89-degree Sunday afternoon. I counted at least five separate kids birthday parties going on. And then this old dude comes in wearing what looked like a bulletproof vest with a bunch of tiny pockets and wires coming out of them! He sat down and looked around and took off his vest, then jumped in the pool with all his clothes on. I was just sure he was about to detonate some sort of bomb, but it never went off thankfully. Just some sick weirdo.

2. Beginning in June, we’ve got birthing classes on Tuesdays after work. They go until 9:00, so I don’t know what we’ll do with Mr. Friendly, a.k.a. Baxter. I can’t very well leave him in a crate for 16 consecutive hours, and I won’t have time to come home after work and drop him somewhere. I guess he’ll just have to come along. Hopefully the hospital allows beagles.

3. The dining table project is complete with the purchase of three purple chairs yesterday at IKEA, which I assembled this morning. Homemade table, homemade bench, 3 IKEA chairs. That’s a fine looking spot to eat a meal.

Look how you can set things on the table! Like my billfold and a red notebook. Works as expected.
Look how you can set things on the table! Like my billfold and a red notebook. Works as expected.

4. We’re tossing around the idea of going to an Astros game soon. One last little weekend getaway before things get too crazy. Upcoming Saturday day games vs. the Orioles and Rays jump out as possibilities.

5. Random throwback photo of the Glanzer children all gussied up for Easter Sunday. If I had to guess, I’d say this was 1994.96