Thursday was certainly a day for the books. Which books, I’m not sure, but one that I shan’t soon forget thanks to our adventure with Wild Mutt.

Truth is, he wasn’t really a bad dog while he was here, but he was just so big and cumbersome that he knocked over lots of things in his path. When I woke up Thursday morning and checked on the dog in the garage, there was no damage other than a heaping pile of crap in the middle of the floor. I loaded him up in the car and took him straight to the vet to have his microchip scanned, now that they were open. The chip unfortunately was only registered to an animal control place.

So, I left him in the garage and took off to take our own dog, Baxter, to daycare. Not far down the road I saw lights flashing in my rearview mirror and I was pulled over for speeding! 47 in a 40. But the cop saw the fidgety squirming hound and let me off with a warning.

Shortly after getting to work, the call came in. The dog’s owner was found, and I was alerted. I returned home (30-mile round trip from home to work, by the way) to reunite the pooch with his family. Mrs. Contreras had been worried sick and thanked me for my kindness. Turns out the dog was named Simba, just like our old shelte named Simba.

After work, I drove home, taking a new south route rather than my usual north route that goes by Baxter’s daycare. When I was about 75% of the way home I realized I had forgotten to pick up Baxter, so I drove right past the house and all the way back to Pflugerville to pick him up. By this point I had driven almost 100 miles on the day.

After that we had volleyball at Weirdo’s, where our team lost yet again. I have come to terms that I am not a very good volleyball player, despite the fact that everyone sees me and assumes I’m going to be dominating because I’m tall. I have very poor form and hand-eye coordination and zero court awareness. Lauren, a true volleyball player, has tried to coach me but it has been little use. I still enjoy playing, but if the team has its sights set on victory, the only approach is to leave me on the front line to try blocking the ball.

On the way home a stray dog hopped in with us and we took him home for the night until we can find its owners. No not really, there were no additional mutts.