Christmas is just around the corner, but you’d never know it here in Austin! Temps have continued to hit 80 here in early December. At first I was a little upset that it was still this warm, but then I remember that pretty much the entire country is drastically above average and I should just shut up and enjoy it.

It’s been a pretty uneventful couple weeks here. At work we’re nearing the launch of our new website for our line of putters. Lauren has been even busier, picking up lots of OT the past two weeks.

Our volleyball team is stinking it up, falling to 0-3 after imploding last Thursday. Thankfully my wiffleball team has been red hot, winning three straight. Turns out it’s harder than expected to hit a wiffleball as I struck out once last night, but atoned for that with a double later on.

On Friday night I visited Austin’s signature adult arcade, Pinballz Arcade, home of 105 classic pinball machines and other arcade games. Bart and I had a Groupon for 2-for-1 tokens and spent the night playing classics like Back to the Future, Last Action Hero, and Terminator.

Bart made another appearance tonight when he showed up at our house with a dog he had found on the streets. Since he lives in a small apartment with three cats, keeping it at his place until morning wasn’t an option, so we agreed to keep the wild mutt company. The dog seems to be a pitbull-terrier mix, or maybe a boxer of some sort. I don’t know. But it’s large, gangly, and has a very powerful tail wag. He and Baxter are fast friends. When I lock the stray back in the garage, they stand on both sides of the door crying at each other. But when they’re reunited they just sniff each other and then go on their separate ways.

Next week the Glanzer family arrives in town for a few days. Aside from putting everyone to work with house projects, we’ll probably show them around to some of our favorite bars, watering holes, honky-tonks, and speakeasies. Maybe we’ll find a few other attractions as well. Dad has requested a trip to the Jesse James body shop, and I’m sure everyone will want to visit Lauren’s flagship Whole Foods store. We’re excited to have them here!