Weather Unpopular Topic Here
We are currently experiencing another major dry spell here. The last time it rained was 45 days ago. As a new homeowner who now must pay for watering the lawn, I am very anxious to see some rainfall. A storm passed through last night and missed us to the north by about 30 miles and then another system passed through overnight and missed us to the south by 30 miles.  

Coming from South Dakota/Minnesota to Texas has been a big change in that no one here really cares or talks about the weather. Local newscasts here don’t focus on weather anywhere as close to they do up north. There is almost nothing weather-related in print; whereas in MN there was Paul Douglas with his daily geeky weather blog for the Star Tribune, here there is nothing from any of the local news outlets. 

I keep complaining to people, “OMG it hasn’t rained in six weeks!” and rarely get a response. I suppose, coming from an area of the country where we can experience any form of weather imaginable at really any given moment regardless of what the calendar says, to a place where a once-a-decade light frost shuts the city down, I shouldn’t be surprised. 

Can’t complain with temps between 65 and 80 as we approach Christmas… sure is nice to just go to work in shorts and sandals year-round.

Thanksgiving at the Glanzer Abode
We celebrated Thanksgiving at the new house for the first time, obviously. Lauren still had to go to work that day, so I stayed home with beagle and helped with a few of the dishes for the feast. Lauren once again outdid herself, preparing a massive feast that easily would have fed 8-10 people, as we sat around and watched football.

The rest of the four-day weekend was spent doing a lot of crap around the house. I attempted to do some yardwork and hang up Christmas Lights. Baxter and I went for a long walk downtown one day while Lauren shopped for yarn. We ran a handful of errands and once went out to a friend’s place for a board game night. Otherwise we just hung at the house and relaxed.