After playing in softball, volleyball, and bowling leagues in the past few weeks, the next sport I have taken up is wiffleball. After a 4-0 defeat in our first game last week, we came back with a nice 9-2 win last night. With several teammates on the road for Thanksgiving, Lauren stepped in as a sub and more than held her own, singling twice and driving in a pair of runs! I wasn’t on the team last year, but teammate Rob said that our nine runs we scored last night were four more than all of last season combined.

The purple wiffleball team.

This Thanksgiving it will be our usual tradition, only this time in a house instead of an apartment. It will be just the two of us, but that won’t stop Lauren from preparing a feast for eight! Don’t feel sad for us, we turned down many invitations to have Thanksgiving dinner with friends or friends’ families. Lauren still has to go to work, at least for a little while, even though it’s a holiday, so I’ll be at home with Hound in charge of the turkey.