1. Low-Carb Has Begun

Let the records show the scale read 256.6 lbs yesterday morning… and 256.8 this morning. No sudden, dramatic changes after one day of my semi-annual diet. I will keep you all updated on my progress. I went big for Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day as a final hurrah before things begin.

2. Still Undefeated

I don’t know if this is unusual, but I have yet to lose a Wordle, and only once took all 6 guesses. LOOK AT ME, LOOK HOW GOOD I AM AT WORD GAME!!!

3. Coach Pitch

It’s February, so you know what that means—MLB pitchers and catchers report to spring training! Ah, not this year, thanks to the stupid lockout with no end in sight. But our local coach pitch baseball league is starting up its spring season. Player assessments were Monday, and tonight the five coaches come together and choose teams, as evenly as possible. The teams are the Yankees, Astros, Braves, Blue Jays, and Marlins. We were the Twins last year, but unlike the other teams, we’re changing names so John can add to his collection of uniforms!

4. Tiki 2

After January’s amazing visit to Austin’s toughest restaurant to get into with the Megos, we went back in honor of Lauren’s birthday last Friday with the Plumpes. It ain’t cheap, but the theatrics and ambience of this place are worth it!

Chris, Dana and Lauren drink their shots out of a glowing boat!

5. What I Watched Last Night AND Song in My Head

Several people recommended The Righteous Gemstones to me, and I must thank them. This HBO show is hilarious! Danny McBride and John Goodman highlight a pretty solid cast in this show of mega televangelists who behind the scenes are getting into serious trouble, running people down in their cars, using lots of profanities, sending goons and henchmen after other churches, and more hilarity. This one song on the show, I thought, was pretty darn catchy.