1. Low-Carb Check-in

It’s onto Day 9 of the latest low-carb/keto diet, and results are again encouraging. I started out around 257 and am down to 251. 6 lbs in less than 9 days feels like a good start. It really isn’t that hard to stick to, either. I have acceptable replacements for just about everything but bread and potatoes. The hardest part is just eating different things from the rest of the family. So far, these snacks are the best.

2. Oregon Trail

For some reason I have a good deal of interest in all things Oregon Trail of late. The one book I’ve been reading on and off for the past 2+ years is called Dreams of El Dorado, mostly about settling in the Old West, and involves the Oregon Trail. The only game I’m really playing on my phone is a modern version of Oregon Trail (Lauren is still alive and heading west alone after the rest of the party died). And one of the shows I’m following is Paramount’s 1883, also set on the Oregon Trail. Why didn’t they all just fly?

3. Marlins Out, Rockies In

It’s like it’s the 1993 MLB Expansion all over again! (The Rockies and Marlins were the new teams added in 1993). Our coach pitch team was supposed to be the Marlins, but I heard from our league director that the local warehouse didn’t have any Marlins hats, so we had to pick a new team from a small available selection. I wanted Brewers (kids + beer = fun, right?) but John wanted Rockies. I could live with the Rockies, so that’s what we shall be. Our first practice scheduled for Thursday is in jeopardy with temps plummeting 50º from the 80s to 30s overnight.

4. Spring Break

It’s less than 3 weeks til spring break, and we finally pulled the trigger on a trip. Lauren and Edie will head up to Chicago for cousin Jenna’s bridal shower, while John and I go to Kalamazoo, MI to visit old friends Jesse and Kathy! But we’ll head on over to Chicago to meet up with the gals on Sunday and spend several nights there doing touristy stuff. I have been to Chicago quite a few times, but it just made sense to stay there and mess around since we already had business there.

5. Song in My Head

90s country is still my go-to. I’ve been singing this a lot lately.