5 Things #13: 3/3/22

1. Low-Carb Check-in

It’s been 16 full days of my keto diet as I try to shed a few pounds before spring break. The diet officially comes to an end—or at least, a week-long halt—March 11. I ain’t gonna be missing opportunities to try some good food in Chicago. The scale yesterday, at its lowest, read 248.8, which is a drop of 9 lbs. The hardest part is the eating out, which we do fairly regularly. I’ve had to pass up delicious food options at four restaurants so far. At home, these snacks are the best.

2. 40th Check-in

I am now closer to 40 than 39, with my half-birthday having passed on Feb. 23. These days, most of my friends turning 40 do something memorable, be it a trip or party or fulfilling some bucket-list item. I imagine that’s just due to the one-upmanship of social media. Nevertheless, it is a good time to start thinking about my birthday. As a Chargers fan since 1993, it will be my 30th season cheering for the team, and I’ve never been to a home game, San Diego nor Los Angeles. I am really leaning that way. Maybe get a group together for a long weekend and do up LA.

3. Song in My Head

18 years ago, my friends and I went on an epic spring break adventure from Omaha to Las Vegas and back. With Treebsy along, I was introduced to lots of wild new music I had never heard before, including this song by The Flaming Lips.

4. Meetingpalooza

I have 7 meetings at work today, which I think ties the record. The crazy thing is Thursdays I normally have none! Not only that, I have to coach baseball practice right after work.

5. What I Watched Last Night

Now that we’re all caught up on Righteous Gemstones, I have turned to HBO’s Vice Principals, which is a lot of the same cast. Danny McBride, Edi Patterson, and Walton Goggins are all in this show too. The first few episodes are very silly, slapstick comedy. Not quite up to par with Gemstones, but funny enough that I’ll keep watching.

One comment

  1. Those keto bars really do look good. However, I am doing Bright Line Eating which won’t allow for any type of flour or sugar (even artificial sweeteners). My goal is to stick to it until Hadley and I go to CA for our girls’ trip.

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