Last night, Lauren held her 25th birthday party at the Mermaid Entertainment Center in Mounds View.  For those who have never experienced the majesty of the Mermaid, you are missing out!  $15 for all you can bowl for three hours, plus 2-for-1 drinks from 9-11 makes for a rockin’ time.  On hand for the event were the usual six of me, Lauren, Jason, Nick, Walsh, and Sarah.  Many others were invited, but it was very short notice.

Walsh and I dueled down to the wire in the first game before he struck out in the tenth frame to win 162-147.   After that things became a little foggier, but I am fairly certain Walsh won all three games and I was usually right behind him.  Nick might have slipped into second place in one of those games.  Well anyway, we had two cars there and one sober driver.  We probably would have had Nick drive us all home in one car and come back for the other in the morning, but fate stepped in when I heard a voice over the speakers say “And the winner of the free one-night stay at the AmericInn is Ryan Glanzer!”  I went running up to the front desk to claim my voucher, which was good for one night only, and it had to be used that night. So Nick took Walsh, Sarah, and Jason home while Lauren and I crashed in the king two-room suite at the AmericInn, which is attached to the bowling alley.

Our free night at the hotel consisted of checking into the room and then waking up and getting continental breakfast before going home.  Seriously, nothing else happened.  We slept, we left.  We of course hadn’t come prepared to spend a night anyway.  Not like I had luggage sitting in my car.

So today’s plan is to do a few more wedding things, and then tonight Lauren’s mother is taking us out for dinner at the Craftsman restaurant.  We’ll be resting up tonight for tomorrow’s big Super Bowl party in Hopkins at the Steve/Andrew residence.