1. That’s Señor Manager

I received a title bump to Sr. Manager, Lifecycle Marketing after 3.5 years of being Email Marketing Manager at work. As time has gone on, it’s been more about a customer lifecycle journey and less about just sending some email, though that is still the main part of my job.

2. Rockies Go Down in Opener

Our coach-pitch team lost its first game to the Blue Jays, 19-17. In the early games, kids get to bat off the tee if they strike out, so there will be some crazy scores like this. The other team made some clutch defensive plays, almost all on force plays at third base. John got to bat 4 times—at least 3 of which were with the bases loaded, maybe all 4—and made good solid contact, reaching base every time and driving in 5 runs. We play again tomorrow against the Braves.

Here’s some of the team that hung around for an Opening Day celebration after the game.


I tagged along at the last minute with the Plumpes to Sunday afternoon’s Austin FC game vs Miami. In the first two games I’d been to last season, Austin scored a total of 0 goals. Finally they broke through with me in attendance, scoring 5 in a rout of Miami. Austin’s 10 goals through 2 games to start the season are an MLS record.

4. Panama

At work we have these “donut meetups” over zoom where you get randomly paired with another employee and get to know each other. Typically these are coworkers I would never interact with otherwise. Last week I met our only Panamanian employee, and we got to talking about the Panama Canal. She shared this video, which is the extremely interesting history of the canal.

5. Air Woes

It is back to the skies in three days, with John and I flying from Austin to Detroit to Kalamazoo. I haven’t done as much flying as normal during the pandemic, but what I have done has gone very badly. Every flight in the past two years has either had a major delay or cancellation. I’ve had to spend a night in an airport and abandon a flight and rent a car to get to my destination, in addition to other lengthy delays and of course masking up for hours. So it was no surprise when I heard the Friday forecast in Austin turns wintry with driving rain and 40mph winds. I would bet good money we have some travel hiccups again.