1. Home From Daycare: Part Eleventy Thousand

Edie has missed multiple days of daycare in a week I believe four times already in 2022 due to staff and student COVID outbreaks and ice storms, and now here we are again! I had two fairly busy, important days of work (and Lauren on the road, of course), when I found out another staff member came down with COVID and Edie had been exposed. So, here we were again Monday and Tuesday, the two of us holed up in the shed! I am happy to report she was able to return.

She’s got it made out here, I tell ya!

2. Professor Glanzer

On Monday I was asked to address a college class online and discuss my career in email marketing. I believe the pupils left filled with wonder and astonishment. OK, it was just me, the professor, and two students live on the zoom, with a dozen others planning to watch the recording later. (I hope it doesn’t become available publicly anywhere as I did slander one former company a little bit for their poor email practices!)

3. Keto

Starting the 15th I am going to go back to a keto diet for the third time. The first two times have worked extremely well, dropping 12-17 lbs. in a matter of weeks. Through the holidays, and so many school cancellations of late that are tethering me to the house, I have ballooned back up to around 258. My target weight is 242. These things have been pretty easy to get on board with once I get going because I see results so fast.

4. Song in My Head

I have been watching 1883, the lead-up to Yellowstone (which I haven’t seen), which stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. I think it would be funny if the cast on the show broke out into this song at some point in their 1880s getup. I like the song but it doesn’t feel like your standard Tim McGraw.

5. What I Watched Last Night

Old buddy Luke Katuin is watching Seinfeld for the first time, and is commenting daily on the episodes he just watched. I couldn’t help but flip on Netflix to a random spot in Season 4 and watch a few. I watched “The Opera” and “The Virgin” last night, right in the middle of that Jerry pilot arc. I think I’ve seen every Seinfeld episode at least 25 times but damn it they still hold up well.