1. Today’s Random Thought

It’s a snow day in Austin! There’s nowhere near the fanfare of either 2021 storm, but damn it if the ground isn’t slick and white, ice pellets falling out of the sky, tree branches weighed down to the ground, and kids home from school. It really is pretty nasty out there, but my main concern is branches and limbs high in the air above the shed that could collapse.

2. Shed Update

Hoooooo boy, it is sure getting muddy in this backyard. With 2″ of rain last night and it turning into a slushy, icy mess today, I am tracking mud in here like crazy. A backyard renovation is high on our list of 2022 priorities, but I will need to come up with a makeshift sidewalk or path of some sort in the meantime.

3. Song in My Head

There were few country singers of the 90s more popular than Neal McCoy, with chart-topping hits like “The Shake”, “They’re Playing Our Song”, and of course “Wink”. I looked it up and no, his real name is not Neal McCoy, it’s Hubert McGaughey, Jr. I imagine it is a play on the British idiom “real McCoy” which is to say something is original or genuine.

4. Commanders

I see the new Washington football team name is the Commanders. What is a commander, really? Someone who just barks out commands? Washington as a city has some pretty generic sports team names, so it fits right in with the Nationals and Capitals. It feels very close to the Indians’ recent change to the Guardians.

5. Last Night’s TV

We are all caught up on Succession! Now we wait for season 4. It of course ends with a big cliffhanger. I also am now up-to-date on 1883, leaving the new season of Dexter as my last standing show I’m watching. And then I guess I’ll need some suggestions of what to start!