1. Today’s Random Thought

Today is not only Groundhog’s Day, it’s also Lauren’s birthday! A cause for celebration, no doubt. It’s tough out there with spousal early February birthdays. Christmas is just in the rearview mirror, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, Mother’s Day isn’t too far down the road, and in our case, the wedding anniversary wasn’t that far off. Creative as I may be, I am not a great gifter for adults. I created a cheat sheet Google doc yesterday and asked Lauren to fill it out so I can be prepared for future gift ideas for years to come.

2. Kid Update

Here’s Lauren trying to reach over the edge of the balcony at Topgolf and retrieve the club Edie threw over on Sunday. It fell to the ground and probably hit the people below us. We played for 90 minutes and all had lots of fun.

3. Song in My Head

After the movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out a few years ago, we couldn’t stop singing Queen songs for literally a whole year. “Hammer to Fall” is not one of their better known songs, but the Live Aid version of the song really stuck with me for some reason. I played it on Alexa last night and we all sang along.

4. Eyes

I went to the optometrist today and tested very well. My vision varies wildly from day to day. Today it was a 20/20 day, acing all the tests and reading the little letters. By tonight I won’t be able to see the TV without my glasses. I guess it has to do with eye strain and whether I’m sleeping well.

5. Harbaugh Watch

The Vikings are reportedly in on former Chargers quarterback Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach. And let’s not forget that Jim Harbaugh had a cameo on Saved By The Bell: The New Class in the 90s as Screech’s cousin. And now Dustin Diamond is dead, so… kinda makes you stop and think!