Patrick, Joe, Krista, and Abby

Friday night after another long work week, it was off to the Park Tavern in St. Louis Park to say farewell to Patrick, who is California-bound on Monday where he will be living with his grandma in the Los Angeles area for a change of pace.  We expect Patrick to come back someday.  Patrick had an excellent showing for his going away party.  Another familiar face, Luke Katuin, was also there, and he’s also leaving us soon for Denver.  Good luck out west, Patrick and Luke!  We’ll have to go visit sometime.

Patrick's last hurrah in Minnesota
Patrick's last hurrah in Minnesota

Saturday was the Joe Allen/Krista Sullivan wedding.  Joe and Krista were both good friends of mine from Valleyfair, and they asked me to DJ.  I had the idea to go to pick up the DJ equipment at noon in Eden Prairie, drive to the Holiday Inn in Lakeville to set it up, come back home in Minneapolis to clean up and pick up Lauren, go to the wedding in New Prague at 3, and race back to Lakeville to start playing music as guests arrived.

Well, I didn’t allow myself nearly enough time.  Due to road construction on 35-W, I was delayed over a half hour.  By the time I got back to the apartment there was no feasible way we would have made it to New Prague for the wedding, so we just went to Lakeville and waited for guests to arrive.  I like being really early for events like this in case there are car troubles or more road construction or something, so we got there absurdly early.  Lauren wasn’t too pleased, but better early than late, I think.

The reception and dance went very well.  Krista’s maid-of-honor and Joe’s best man both gave excellent speeches—some of the best I’ve seen at the many dances I’ve worked in the past year.  The dance was highlighted by the rowdy Valleyfair crowd.  Lots of former co-workers were on hand, including some I hadn’t seen in a long time like Mike Carlson, Leah Villa, Emily Bisek, and Amy Ronnei.  Lauren seemed to get along well with my old co-workers as I ran the dance from the DJ table.  It was a long night though, as we got back to the apartment after 2am.

Me with Joe and Krista Allen
Me with Joe and Krista Allen

Sunday, we slept in a little, but I needed to race off to Medina to Penny Steele’s cake place to pick up some new wedding cake flavors to sample.  I was handed a bag of six or seven different flavors and we tried two, but they’re too rich and probably fattening to sit and eat them all at once.  If you’re coming to the wedding, be prepared for the best cake you’ve ever eaten!

Next it was on to Pete and Sarah’s house for Abigail’s first birthday.  She was given a gigantic cupcake cake and many presents, including some finely knit clothes made by Lauren, and a riding plane that took five men to figure out how to put together.  And I ate my share of food, so it looks like everyone was a winner…  except perhaps Pete, whose chair flipped backwards off the deck, resulting in a mixed combination of concern and laughter.  But he was okay.

Hmm... where to start...
Hmm... where to start...

We came home in the late afternoon to a wildly messy apartment, so rather than just clean, we rearranged the living room.  In order to do so, we had to clean the other rooms so we could put things in them temporarily while we moved stuff around in the living room.  It was a pain, but the place looks much better.

And, finally, the Twins have had three straight walk-off losses to the Yankees in New York.  That’s the first time the Twins have lost three straight games on a team’s last at-bat since 1973.  Thank God I was too busy to see much of those games.

One last thing… we are watching the last of Lawrence of Arabia, so for those who are interested, I’ll have a new Best Picture review up on the other blog soon.

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  1. Is it possible that you have eaten every cake maker’s cake in the MSP Metropolitan Statistical Marketplace?

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