Tomorrow we depart after work for sunny Buffalo, New York, home of the world’s first Buffalo wing and the Buffalo Bills. For reasons dating back to September 3, 2007, I am just hopeful they don’t ask too many questions at the Canada border when we try passing over to Niagara Falls. Our flight lands at 10:33, then we have to get a rental car and drive an hour and a half northwest to Canada to our hotel. So it will be good and late when we arrive, allowing us to avoid any traffic.

It always sort of amazes me when I get to an airport and see the other people waiting in line to board a flight. How is it possible that 100 other people besides us also need to get from Minneapolis to Buffalo at 7:30pm on a Thursday night in June? Sure, some of them are probably on a connecting flight from somewhere else, and some of them are probably on business trips, and some of them may be from Buffalo and are returning home after visiting Minneapolis. But even still that seems like it should be no more than 15 people. And for this particular route of MSP-BUF, it happens four times per day, every day. I guess it will just be one of those mysteries unless I go and ask every person on the flight why they are on the flight.

We plan to do the Maid of the Mist boat tour Friday morning, and perhaps visit a local winery or something in the afternoon. Lauren is now a reader in the wedding and, from what I understand, we are now part of the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, and even the bus limo going from the wedding to the reception. So our touristy time is much more limited at this point. Sunday, we don’t leave until 5:30, so we may have the early afternoon free to do some additional exploring.

I had to spend a lot of money to prepare for this wedding. My wife is counting on me being the most attractive man there, so I had to purchase that fancy new suit (which I’ll pick up tonight), along with new shoes and a glorious new haircut, my second in two weeks after a poor showing at the local Cost Cutters. I asked for a little trim, about 11/16″ off the top, and I’m not sure the stylist even used real scissors. Lauren didn’t even notice I’d had a haircut. So today I got another $14 hair chopping at good old standby Great Clips.

Lastly, for anyone who doesn’t follow sister Jordan Krogman’s blog, she did a series of interviews with family and friends over the past week. You can read interviews with me and Lauren, Alex and Ann, Mom and Dad, and Grandma Bell. Very entertaining if you have a few minutes to kill!