Before I forget again, here are my 2021 NFL predictions… Apparently this is the first time since 2017 I have done one! As a 50/50 Vikings and Chargers fan, it has been a tough go as a fan since I first started following football in 1993. The Chargers made the Super Bowl in 1994/95, and that’s been it. Two teams with more ineptly parallel paths I could not have chosen. Once again, they seem pretty similar in that they are both Wild Card hopefuls who, thanks to the seventh playoff team per conference, could slip in. I’ll guess a 10-7 record for each, and a singular playoff win for each. The two teams also play each other in LA this year, a game I in theory would like to attend, but then again I think I would want my first Chargers home game to be one where I root strictly for them and not divided.

AFC East NFC East
Bills 12-5 Cowboys 10-7
Patriots 9-8 Football Team 10-7*
Dolphins 6-11 Eagles 5-12
Jets 4-13 Giants 5-12
AFC North NFC North
Ravens 11-6 Packers 12-5
Browns 10-6-1* Vikings 10-7*
Steelers 8-8-1 Bears 7-10
Bengals 4-13 Lions 3-14
AFC South NFC South
Titans 11-6 Buccaneers 14-3
Colts 10-7* Saints 9-8
Jaguars 5-12 Panthers 8-9
Texans 2-15 Falcons 5-12
AFC West NFC West
Chiefs 15-2 Rams 12-5
Chargers 10-7* Seahawks 11-6*
Broncos 6-11 49ers 10-7
Raiders 5-12 Cardinals 8-9


Wild Card Round
Chargers def. Bills, Titans def. Colts, Ravens def. Browns
Packers def. Football Team, Vikings def. Rams, Seahawks def. Cowboys

Divisional Round
Chiefs def. Chargers, Titans def. Ravens
Vikings def. Buccaneers, Seahawks def. Packers

Conference Championship
Chiefs def. Titans
Seahawks def. Vikings

Super Bowl
Chiefs def. Seahawks