If you haven’t noticed by now, I am dedicating a large amount of time and effort to my new How To Do That blog/website/podcast. There have been 37 posts in the first month, detailing obscure “how to do ______” scenarios including how to get a bartender’s attention, how to pick up after a dog if you have no poop bag, and how to react when called upon while daydreaming. The goal is to get 100 posts live before beginning to invest money in directing traffic towards the site, where I will attempt to make money from advertising and affiliate sales. I have longtime business companion Bart Christoff invested in the project, fronting the costs for the WordPress business plan, helping with advertising, and of course co-hosting the podcast.

Best of all, I now have something worthwhile (as I see it) to occupy my free time! Having a hobby is very important to keep one’s mind active, after all. Before this, there was the big Muppet painting binge, and prior to that there had been the family tree project and woodworkings. I was wasting a lot of time on my baseball simulator game, but as fun as it is, that wasn’t really accomplishing anything so I get no real sense of satisfaction from it.

In other news, I am excited for my Thanksgiving trip to South Dakota with Johnny. Since it’s so expensive to fly from Austin to anywhere in SD over Thanksgiving, we could only justify the two of us going. We will be on the Glanzer farm for about four full days. Johnny is hoping for snow and to ride around in the tractor with Grandpa Dick. Perhaps I will take him to Huron so he can experience the Rocket Slide, the world’s greatest piece of playground equipment!

Johnny chose Incredible Hulk for his Halloween costume.
Johnny has visited our neighbor’s puppies several times in recent weeks. Here he is with little George Costanza.
Johnny dances on some sort of lit-up pad at Catch Air.
Johnny tries to make it to the peak of this steep mountain at Catch Air!
Post-haircut Saturday morning. Looking sharp!