A woman in our Rattan Creek Neighborhood of Austin submitted a video to Good Morning America for a contest for America’s best neighborhood, and she won! After several long months of waiting, today was finally the day where country superstar Dierks Bentley visited us to perform at the big block party, portions of which were broadcast live on ABC coast-to-coast.

In order to get in and be part of the show, we had to be there before 5am! So we were up before 4, and soon neighbors and friends joined us to walk over to the big event. About 1,500 neighbors crammed onto Riverton Drive, where a big stage had been set up. The place was swarming with ABC production crews, lights, and cameras.

We were prominently featured when Dierks yelled “Good morning, America!” as an intro after a commercial break. I swear, we just happened to be standing there and did not push our way into the scene! After the cameras cut away, Dierks shook my hand and gave Johnny a fist-bump. Cool guy!

He played only five or six songs over the course of the three hours we were there, with massive amounts of downtime in between. A local comedian filled some of the gaps. But most of the buzz surrounded all the neighborhood cranking their necks to get into the TV shots.

My first time being on ABC since the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2014.
Neighbor Chris and I wait in line to get in at 4:50am.
A print-worthy Glanzer family portrait.
The crowd files in.
Dierks warms up the crowd.
Funny to think how many times I’ve walked our dingus dog right in that very spot. Now a nationally televised show is taking place there.
The sun starting to rise.
Lauren’s been up for 4 hours already!