Updated baby pool with outside guesses…

Our closest Austin-area friends came together to throw us a couples’ baby shower on Sunday, hosted by the Megos with the assistance of the Viviritos! 20 or so people were in attendance, and we were thoroughly showered with teeny sized baby gifts while eating delicious food. After things calmed down a bit, a few of us braved the 100-degree heat to play some yard games, which resulted in me soaked head to toe. All in all, an excellent day with our closest friends from Texas!

Sadly, we forgot to capture any photos. But guests filled out this calendar with their predictions for gender and birth date, which was framed and given to us as a memento!


For those who can’t make out the guesses, green = girl and orange = boy, so as not to run into the gender stereotypical pink and blue. And here are the official guesses:

July 30 / Girl – Rob Vivirito
July 31 / Boy – Baxter
August 11 / Boy – Stacey Aikman
August 14 / Boy – Heather Bart
August 15 / Boy – Kristin Mego
August 16 / Girl – Emily Anderson
August 17 / Girl – Mike Franklin
August 18 / Girl – Taren Jay
August 18 / Boy – Jenn Buch
August 19 / Boy – Heather Varela
August 19 / Girl – Ari Kalish
August 20 / Girl – Elizabeth Vivirito
August 21 / Boy – Duane Anderson
August 22 / Girl – Allison Thompson
August 23 / Boy – Brian Mego
August 24 / Girl – Shayna Zelko
August 24 / Girl – Elizabeth Burke
August 25 / Boy – Kristin Ballard & Eddie Guerra
August 26 / Boy – Bobbi Jo Chapman
August 28 / Boy – Douwe Rienstra

That is 9-8 in favor of boy, with a median date of August 19.

If I were to add my own guess to the mix, I’d say August 21 and girl.

What is your guess?  Comment on this post to be added to the unofficial pool!