For the sixth time, I am off to San Francisco tomorrow! Every time I’ve traveled to California, it has been to San Francisco, with the exception of 2003 when Brandon Hanson and I intentionally drove a few miles into far eastern California just to check off another state on our big road trip. I’ll be there for just over two days, taking in the Responsys Interact 2014 e-mail conference. My manager Shenea is also going and is a featured speaker at one session. We’ll be learning much about e-mail, but there will be entertainment as well with a private concert from the B-52’s, and a special appearance by recording artist John Legend.

It makes me a bit nervous to leave home for a couple nights with Lauren 8 months pregnant. As I’ve said, if this had been next week–no way I’d go. And if the worst does happen, I guess I’ll just calmly drop everything and go to the airport and find the first flight back to Austin. But here’s hoping baby holds out until the actual due date so I can be there for the whole thing!