Things in Babyland are getting much realer as we move into the summer. Our schedule is jam-packed to the brim with classes and appointments. I don’t know what other first-time parents are out there doing, but we should be extremely well informed. Last Monday was breastfeeding class. Tuesday was the first birthing class. Today was cloth diaper class followed by shopping at Buy Buy Baby. Monday we check out another daycare and at night is Baby Bootcamp. Tuesday is another birthing class. Wednesday we meet with a pediatrician. Thursday Lauren is back at the OBGYN.

I always knew that whenever I was able to use a baby as an excuse to get out of going to things, I would. People generally think of me as a very outgoing, sociable person, but I value my time at home more than I do nights out with friends. In a few months I’m sure I’ll be thinking the very opposite, but for now the idea of having a permanent excuse to get out of events is very appealing!

In other non-news, the only thing we seem to talk about at work is TV. It’s like working around a bunch of Brad Feeneys! There may or may not be some shared HBOGo passwords floating around the office. My current shows include re-watching The Office from the sixth season onward, the new season of Orange Is The New Black, the current season of Louie, the very beginning of Silicon Valley, and Lauren and I are re-watching 30 Rock. I am interested in checking out Veep and Deadwood on HBO as well.