Well it’s getting tougher to come up with some original content each day. It was yet another busy day of baby-related things as we checked out a Montessori School in the morning (we sat through the whole tour only to find out how far out of our reach price-wise it is), and then a two-hour Baby Bootcamp, a “bonus” class we got when we signed up for the birthing classes. Information overload!

To make today even more ridiculous, I had to take Baxter to daycare to tire him out so he wouldn’t have to sit in the house alone for 15 consecutive hours. So my day of driving went like this.

1. Drive from home to doggy daycare.
2. Drive from doggy daycare to Montessori School.
3. Drive from Montessori School to work.
4. Drive from work to doggy daycare.
5. Drive from doggy daycare to house.
6. Drive from house to hospital.
7. Drive from hospital to house.

I still found some time in there to dispose of those large tree limbs I cut down recently. I loaded them in the pickup, strapped them down, took them to the office, and tossed them into the woods near the parking lot. Well technically they were too heavy to throw very far so they just kinda awkwardly landed on some bushes at the edge of the woods. So much easier than paying someone to haul the brush away.