5 Things From Tuesday

1. No one would buy our dining table and chairs on Craigslist. It was up for two weeks and everyone who came to see the set left in utter disappointment at the shoddy craftsmanship. Without raising the price, I changed the ad to be brutally honest and titled the ad “4 Upholstered Dining Chairs + Bad Dining Table” and proceeded to bash the table. And Lordy, the responses came rolling in.

2. Thanks to our friend Bobbi Jo, who has been coming over on long days to let Baxter out and walk around. Newborn baby and all, she has been coming over on Tuesdays when we’re gone for 15 straight hours. And she was thanking us for letting her spend time with the dog! Win-win, I’d say.

3. I can’t believe the Twins were the team to sign Kendrys Morales. At 30-33 they are still in the thick of things in the murky AL Central and the AL Wild Card Race, and yes they needed an upgrade over Kubel/Parmelee. But still… this is the most un-Twins-like move I’ve seen since they traded for Rick Reed in 2001.

4. At the behest of boss Randy, I surged through the entire 8-episode season of Silicon Valley on HBO in the past week… and I was not disappointed! Never a dull moment, utter hilarity, and extremely realistic. I’d give it a watch if I were you.

5. The one thing I’m nervous about with the upcoming baby stuff is a work trip to San Francisco exactly one month before the due date. The odds of the baby coming between July 16-18, a whole month early, are extremely slim, but this being the first time through the whole thing makes me a little worried. I guess if Lauren starts having contractions, I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and head to SFO and try to fly back to Texas by whatever means necessary.

One comment

  1. People like an honest ad, they know you’re not trying to screw them over. I wouldn’t worry a bit about the baby coming a month early, they are usually late if anything.

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