5 Things From Thursday/Friday Morning

1. A huge thunderstorm with damaging winds passed through the city late last night. We were on our way home from dinner at the Megos’ as rapids were rolling over the roads. It was quite the show of lightning as well! While some were fortunate to just get some moisture and enjoy the storm, others were not so lucky. Quite a few people had trees uprooted and I know one person whose car was crushed.

2. I’m sick of dealing with Craigslist to sell things. The first person to respond will say they are coming over, so I tell the next person I’ll notify them if the item is still available. The first person will come and look and turn it down, then by the time the next person is notified they’ve moved on to something else. All the while I have to decide between taking the ad down while these people are considering or ignoring any new responses. Anyway… we have current listings for a couch, a coffee table, a dining table, and 4 chairs, and no one wants any of our junk. If it doesn’t sell soon I guess we can always donate it and write the value off of next year’s taxes.

3. I felt a little bad for a guy in traffic yesterday. He tried turning left on a green light, but the road he was turning onto had massive road construction and not all the cars trying to turn could get through. So the light turned red and he was still stranded out in the middle of a very busy intersection at a very busy time of day. His first instinct was to back up, but the cars behind him had already driven forward. When the light turned green for me and the drivers going straight through the light, that guy was at least partially blocking 2 straight lanes + 2 turning lanes. I mean he could NOT have been in a worse spot. Rather than waiting another 10 seconds and let him turn, cars just started driving around him. I’ve never seen anything like it in heavy traffic before. As I veered around him to turn I noticed he was waving happily to everyone going by. At least he had a sense of humor about it.

4. I punctured a can of refrigerant but the hose fell off and I got a face full of R134a. None got into the pickup AC as planned. 😦

5. 65 days remain.


  1. I’ll give you 5 comments…..#1 I’m glad you got some rain, hope you didn’t have any damage. #2 Craigslist. You’ll have to tell people your not holding it for anyone, first one there with the money takes it. #3 NEVER have to worry about rush hour traffic here. #4 That freon is cold isn’t it? #5 Those 65 days will go fast, better get ready.

  2. I feel bad for the guy caught in traffic. That’s almost as bad as Ann getting in the Parade of Lights with her Impala and not being able to find a way out!

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