To my faithful readers in my native land of South Dakota.

I have not forgotten about you. I know, it has been fourteen months since I’ve graced the prairies of Clark County. Frolicked in the fields of Richland Township. Set foot into the waters of majestic Lake Byron.

But we are continuing to follow through on our #glanzventure to Texas, and as much as I would love to have an extra week of paid vacation and a few hundred extra dollars for a plane ticket, I do not have either. And with the excitement of Baby Poulter Glanzer due in mid-August, there’s just no way we can justify leaving for any period of time right now, especially so shortly after a week in Minneapolis.

I do not know when we’ll be able to venture back north again, but nothing would make me happier than making an appearance around the holidays this winter for Tiny Baby Glanzer to meet family and friends from the North.

In the mean time, you are all always welcome to visit us anytime. I don’t know why you’d want to subject yourself to the heat we’re soon to experience, but if you see some good airfare, don’t hesitate to jump on it. And remember, you get on I-35 in Minneapolis and you don’t have to make a single turn until you see the exit for McNeil Rd in Austin… couldn’t be simpler!

I’m sure I’ll do a three-year recap soon on our journey to a new home in the Lone Star State, so check back later this June for that monumental post.