It’s Day 5 of our vacation to Minnesota. Though the weather has been predictably uncooperative, we’ve had an amazing time so far. I don’t even really care that it’s been cold, windy, raining (and even snowing) non-stop since we’ve been here, seeing how that sort of thing is such a rarity in Texas. Sure, it might rain or even storm once in a while in Austin, but I’ve yet to see a system linger for more than a day or two. Here, we’re going on Day 5 of rainy weather.

It has been a blast revisiting our old favorite spots, seeing family, hanging out with friends, and eating food and drinking beer you can’t get in the South! It was eerie driving a lap around the site of the Metrodome and seeing a big hole in the ground after the hundreds of times I went to games in that place. It was fun trying our old favorite Minnesota BBQ joint and seeing how it stacked up to Texas BBQ. We’ve put on our Wild jerseys and jumped in on the playoff craze; it’s nice to actually watch a sporting event where we’re not the only ones cheering for our team! I even have had a great time sitting around in the morning watching the final seasons of Eastbound & Down on HBOGo (Thanks Varelas!).

I will have a more thorough write-up of our trip once we get back to Texas, but for now we are just really trying to soak it in and relax on what is probably our last real vacation for a while with the baby due in a few months. Tonight the plan is Twins-Dodgers (weather pending) and seeing some friends. Bye for now!

Family and friends gather at Walsh and Sarah's house for our welcome-back BBQ.
Family and friends gather at Walsh and Sarah’s house for our welcome-back BBQ.