It is a good Friday indeed as I’m off work for “Spring Holiday”! I have big plans for my day off. Baxter and I already went on a 3-mile jog. I tried letting him off-leash for a bit but he immediately ran to a decomposing squirrel carcass. In a short while I’m heading downtown to meet Lauren for lunch (who wasn’t so lucky as to get a day off for Easter), then I’m heading over to my manager’s house for an “oil change party.” The rest of the day I’ll likely lounge around and catch up on some yardwork.

Last weekend we ventured out to start a baby registry at Buy Buy Baby in south Austin. It was a bit shocking to see how damn expensive everything is, how many products there are that I wasn’t aware of, and how many versions and variations there are of every product. Well, if you are interested, here’s the link to the registry.

On Sunday, Lauren and I worked harder on our backyard than ever before. I hauled 15 bags of leaves out and turned over the soil in the raised beds, while Lauren worked on planting about 15 new plants, herbs, and flowers. We also laid some patches of sod down where grass has died. All told we were out working for 6-8 hours on Sunday! And there is still plenty of work to do, especially with the leaking sprinkler system. Then we can turn our attention back to the front yard.

This week has also been full of happenings. Monday night, Lauren met her friend Kristin for some tea while I stayed home and minded the hound. Tuesday night, I joined friends Bart, Julio, and Darren at The Water Tank for a guys’ karaoke night that lasted until nearly 2am. Wednesday, Lauren and I both fell asleep right after work around 6:30. And Thursday I had a company happy hour.

A colleague and I have been discussing plans for a future bar in Austin that we would like to run. Most other co-workers have already jumped in and claimed imaginary jobs at the future bar. It has been all wishful thinking so far, but again, that would be the dream to own and manage a bar!