You asked for it—more frequent updates!  Unfortunately, there’s not a lot new to report this week. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the upcoming baseball season, working, raking leaves, and hosting the karaoke league. We’ve also been busy getting the house ready for the arrival of our guests, the Rosoks. Tim, Kate, and Annika will be in town for a few days, marking the third straight year they will have been in Austin for Opening Day of the baseball season, which also should mark the third straight year of me being intoxicated by mid-afternoon on a Monday!

Aside from that, here are some other recent happenings.

  • I tried my hand at some cooking last weekend, preparing a large vat of jambalaya, a Cajun rice-based dish. It was edible but slightly overcooked. Still, not terrible for my first ever attempt at cooking Cajun food.
  • I have sold a couple household items on Craigslist this week, hoping to earn some extra spending cash for our upcoming return to Minnesota. The tickets have been booked and we’ll be in town for 8 days, April 25 – May 3.
  • We made a visit to Ikea on Sunday for some new household items including a new TV stand, a chair, and a coffee table. As usual, Ikea on Sunday is nothing short of mayhem. I managed to put together the items this week after work.
  • Several co-workers and I witnessed a strangely low-flying aircraft overhead on the way to Happy Hour on Wednesday. Turned out it was a government test flight of some sort. I thought for sure we were about to see a devastating aerial disaster.
  • It hasn’t been all fun and games. We recently witnessed a car accident right in front of us on Mopac where the driver for no apparent reason spun out of control at a high rate of speed, doing a complete circle on the highway at 70+mph and crashing into a barricade. We also witnessed a shouting match between a customer and the chef at a restaurant called Lucky Dog. Well that customer was no lucky dog, let me tell you. He ordered his au jus on the side but the chef put it on the sandwich anyway. The Hispanic customer and the Asian chef began calling each other ethnic slurs and I thought a shoot-out might ensue.
  • Turns out simply resting my legs for a while has seemed to cure what ailed them. I tried a run for the first time in 10 days and my legs felt refreshed and new. Regardless I will use any excuse I can tell myself to avoid unnecessary running on concrete, it’s just not much fun.

Yeah it’s been a dull week. Here’s a recent picture of us.