As you probably heard from me or Lauren, or saw on Facebook, we are excited to announce that sometime around August 17 the family will be expanding! As of the 20-week check-in Wednesday morning all was looking very good with the baby’s development.

So yes, lots of excitement! We need to find a new vehicle, we need to prepare a nursery, we need to get Baxter to stop freaking out around babies, and we need to start birthing classes.

Even though we can find out now, we will not be learning the gender until the baby is born. Lauren is big on gender-neutral baby things anyway, and as we all know I can’t keep my mouth shut about anything, so why go finding out?

It was a difficult journey to get to this point, dealing with an array of infertility issues on my side dating back to mid-2012. (I’d be happy to personally discuss with anyone who’s interested in knowing the full story, but I’ll keep the details off the blog.)

I avoided putting this one on Facebook just to avoid the confusion of us having twins.