I think Lauren’s pregnancy is beginning to rub off on me. With Lauren often craving ice cream and greasy foods from Sonic, I am quick to jump on board with her plans. Not to say we haven’t been eating healthy things too. Lauren made our weeknight meal-plan more friendly this week by pre-slicing ingredients for four different meals. Now I can just get home from work and throw some things in a pot and there’s no excuse for not eating a home-cooked meal.

Since Lauren can’t drink, I’ve been trying my best to limit my intake of “fun” alcohol around her. The Rosoks brought us (me) 12 cans of Surly from Minnesota, but I’ve been nursing those while drinking unexciting things like Bud Light, or something Lauren wouldn’t like anyway, like very potent Scotch, when in her presence. I have also been getting very tired much earlier. Last night I was ready for bed around 9 and sleeping by 10.

Lauren bought me a book for fathers-to-be, and what men should know about pregnancy. I am about halfway through and learning some interesting facts. That part about drinking around Lauren was actually briefly mentioned in the book.

People have been asking about baby registries. As of right now we do not have one. But the plan is to go out Saturday and make one. I will relay that information here when we have registries created.

The trip back to the Twin Cities is taking shape, with plans for a BBQ to be held at Walsh and Sarah’s house on Saturday, April 26. In the past, we’ve tried to see all our friends at different times and places, so this big BBQ bash should make our trip more relaxing and manageable. And we’ll still get to see most everyone. I’m very excited to get back out to Target Field as well. The Tigers, Dodgers, and Orioles are all in town while we’re back (hence the dates the trip was scheduled). While the team may suck as bad as ever, I am foaming at the mouth looking at all the new foods being offered. Aside from those things, I’m sure we’ll kick back and visit some of our favorite restaurants, bars, and hangouts.

I’ve been working on building the new and improved Dick’s Garage website. And today I launched the Dick’s Garage Facebook page. Go and Like it!