It was a busy weekend as we continued working around the house in preparation of next weekend’s housewarming bash. Lauren and I have invited around 40 co-workers and friends, as well as our new neighbors, so we want to make a good impression.

The highlight of the weekend is the new red living room which we spent all Saturday afternoon painting. This is now the fifth room we’ve repainted, and despite the high ceilings was fairly easy to do. We splattered a little red paint on the carpet and ceiling, otherwise all went well.


Late last week at work everyone participated in a health seminar. I was the first through line and the weight-checking guy originally wrote down 128. I politely asked him to check again, and he said, nope, that was correct. After a second suggestion to check again, he explained they had taken three pounds off for my clothes. Okay. My BMI would have literally been off the charts.

We had dinner Friday night with some friends at a new Italian place across the street from us. Baxter and I went rummage saling Saturday morning. I also took the car in for the state inspection (and passed, on the first try, thank God). We completed watching the first full season of Homeland, the hit Showtime series highly recommended to us. We cruised through the 12 episodes this past week and were not disappointed! A few weeks ago when I saw Homeland clean up at the Emmys I was annoyed, but now I know those awards were well-deserved!

On Sunday I went to play racquetball with Bart at his gym but he overslept and I just worked out instead. Later that afternoon while Lauren took a nap, I carved a couple pumpkins which I’m sure you saw on Facebook. I am especially pleased with the Vikings pumpkin… turned out much better than I could have anticipated.

We should have actual trick-or-treaters for the first time ever this Wednesday. Other than these carvings and handing out candy, we intend to do nothing Halloween-related.