I’m sure you’ve all been anxiously waiting my second post from Austin. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the internet here at the house, so this is going to be another Droid blog post… I’m going to be using the speaking feature of my phone and then going back and editing it as necessary. I think it might be a little bit faster than just typing it.

As I said, I got all settled here at the house I’m living in, in the northwest part of town, about 10 miles from downtown and about 10 miles from my office.  And by “settled” I mean I have my clothes moved in from the car. I went grocery shopping one day; other than that I still have very little for household items including some bare necessities such as pillows and mouthwash.

Work went well in the two days I was there. The first day I was sent to the warehouse to watch the whole process of how golf clubs are sent into the facilities to be refurbished. I was given a MacBook Pro which I’m able to take home and includes the full Adobe CS5 Suite–that will be very nice. The second day of work I met my new office mates; it will be me and two others sharing an office and doing primarily the same duties. I have yet to receive an assignment; Friday was mostly spent watching some tutorial videos on some of the software I’ll be using.

It’s already a 3-day weekend. I guess that’s a nice way to ease into a new job in a new city: 5 days off, 2 days of work, and 3 more days off. Friday after work I went downtown to a Sixth Street bar called Momo’s to watch a band. I met up with Stacy McCann and her husband Bill. Stacy is a woman I met when I was in town for my interview in May and she has been a great help as an Austin resource.

On Saturday I started my day out with a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, which I was told is the coolest movie theater ever. There are 4 locations in Austin. I checked out one in the Village. Essentially I just sit down in a movie theater and am given a menu. Waiters stop by and you can order from a long list of beers and wines and a full food menu. The waiters bring your food your seat. I had 2 bottles of Corona and chips and salsa during the movie; had I not eaten a gigantic breakfast prepared by my landlord Mark right before coming to the theater, I may have ordered one of their more filling entrees.

After returning to the house for a few hours I set back out to Round Rock, about 10 miles north of Austin, to check out the AAA minor league baseball game between the Round Rock Express, the Texas Rangers affiliate, and the Nashville Sounds, Milwaukee Brewers affiliate, and I was not disappointed with my experience. The stadium is way nicer than expected for a minor league team… even had upper deck in the outfield, holding about 10,000 fans. The Express feature a number of former major league players including Mike Napoli, Esteban German, and others. Napoli had a game tying, 2-out, 3-run homerun in the 9th inning to send the game to extra innings… quite dramatic! I never like to leave games early especially with the free concert after the game but it went into the 12th inning and I had been there for over 4 and a half hours and decided to take off.

Wow, this is annoying blogging like this. No new posts till I get internet here.