I am writing this on my Droid as I am without internet for a few days, so bear with me! This will be much shorter than normal.

I drove the trusty Grand Prix from Carpenter to Ardmore, OK the first day, over 800 miles. The next morning I finished the drive and arrived in town where I visited three potential sublet housing options. None really clicked with me, so I spent another night in a Motel 6 while gathering some more housing options. Tuesday I met with a guy named Mark, who at one time lived in Watertown, SD. I knew this was the place and moved in immediately.

I’m not right in the heart of the city as I hoped, but I’m less than a mile from places to eat, shop, and play. Should be within walking distance of a fun bar.

Work starts tomorrow. I’ve already spent way too much money, so today I think I’ll just hang around the house. I’ve been given a few chores including watering the garden so I’ll keep busy.

Photos and more to come… stay tuned!